Elk Hunting


At B2 Outfitters we strive to provide services, knowledge and facilities which our clients can utilize to create and experience memorable holidays and successful outdoor adventures.

With our extensive knowledge of North Hastings, specifically three of the eight Elk Hunt Harvest Areas (HA) contained in WMU’s 60 and 61, we have the ability to bring success to your group efforts.

While MNR guidelines for Ontario Elk Hunting do not permit a traditional guide service, our full service camp located on Old Hastings road in WMU 60 on beautiful Door Lake provides an excellent jump off point/base camp for operations. With our extensive knowledge of  WMU 60—HA 4( south of Coe Hill—North of Bannockburn), WMU 61—HA 5 & 6 (our provincially licensed Bear Management Area (BMA) is located in parts of both HA 5 & 6), we have the ability to point groups of hunters in the right direction to connect with their sought after quarry.

As B2 Outfitters only guides bear hunters the first two weeks of September, our camp is available to elk hunters the third & fourth week of September. We include two days pre-scouting support and 1-2 days presence at the camp by Cameron Lavender.  Cameron is not able to be active in the field due to regulations governing the elk hunt but he is available for reference and questions and even some camp chores.!!

Our base camp is located on a 16 acre lake with great fishing and even better peace and quiet. We have 500 watts of solar panels which provide sufficient power for lights, satellite television, electric fridge and water pump/pressure pump. Cooking and hot water are achieved by propane with a full size range and on demand hot water tank to allow for showers at the end of each hunting day.  The living room faces the length of Door Lake (see home page for picture) and you can relax on the deck above the dock with your coffee and watch a beautiful sunrise.  All within a 45 minute drive of your HA if your tag allocation is for HA 5 or 6 in WMU 61.

B2 Outfitters’ elk hunt package is $2400.00 for a group of 4 hunters American Plan option with the above support program. (As a reference we charge $1300.00 per week American Plan per person for a fully guided bear hunt. This includes baited stands, camp usage, fishing and a full guide service.)

More Information

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact Cameron or Shawn Lavender at B2 Outfitters.