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At B2 Outfitters we strive to provide our clientele with a excellent holiday and enjoyable experience which we hope will result in your return to our establishment. As we all know, holidays can be a great source of relaxation to people. We all work hard and look forward to this time with friends and family. For a person or a groups own information and Protection please review the following page and visit our links to be fully informed on our laws, and principles in the province of Ontario. We appreciate your interest and your business and look forward to seeing you in the fall.


Shawn Lavender and Cameron Lavender


Black Bears - Human Uses

In Ontario, the most important use that we have for bears is that they help to support our economy. Local and professional outfitters offer hunting packages for these animals and many people will come from other countries to hunt them. 80% of all black bears killed in 1989 were killed by non-residents. Bringing tourists into our country helps to generate money. If the hunter stays in our hotels or spends any money on entertainment while he or she is here, that is money made for Canada. People who are here to hunt have to eat and will spend money doing that. All of these things do not include the money that the hunter is paying the outfitter for the hunt and the $175 non-resident licensing fee and a $35 export fee to take the hides and meat out of the province.

In 1989, resident hunters spent $4 million in travel, new equipment etc. and non-resident hunters spent $10 million during their stays here. At one time the bears' hides were used for rugs and robes for sleighs, but now about the only use people have for their glossy black coats are for trophy mounts and rugs and for the Queen's Guards Regiments tall fur hats.

Black Bears - How Black Bears Can Harm Humans

Black bears are considered a nuisance when they forage around garbage dumps and campsites. They enter into our parks and communities because they have learned that these places are an easy source of food. Bears also have the reputation of raiding farms and eating their crops, especially corn and oats. Bears begging for food in tourist parks have lost all fears of humans and this is when they can become dangerous. In the wild, bears are afraid of men and will usually retreat without confrontation, but nuisance bears do not fear humans, and sometimes, will not retreat. Unless the person has a rifle, the bear will likely win any contacts. Other than in these situations, or when the bear is injured or protecting cubs, the incidences of bears attacking humans have been fairly low. Black bears can damage trees in the forest by clawing and biting to mark their territory. One study found that in a certain area, 30% of the trees had been damaged by the black bear.


Ontario has among the most strict drinking and driving laws in the world. The legal limit in Ontario is .08 ml of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. That equates to a 200-pound man having three 5% beers. Drinking one beer per hour after will maintain the above .08 level. It's not very much and 90% of people who are charged think they are 100% sober.

Driving a boat while over .08 is the same charge as being in a car. If you are an American and have been charged with a blood alcohol level over.08 in your state, Ontario considers you a criminal even though it's not a criminal offense in your state. You will be refused entry into Ontario unless you pay a $250.00. It will be up to the discretion of the customs officer which one he or she chooses. You can also hire a lawyer to get a pardon in your own state or you can contact the American embassy in Canada and get them to get special permission for you to enter.

There are four levels of offenses:

The Ontario Provincial Police use the Intoxilyzer 5000, which is an infrared energy absorption monitor. Alcohol molecules have a bipolar vibration of 3.4 microns. The subject gives a breath sample. The Intoxilyzer 5000 bombards the air sample with infrared radiation at a frequency of 3.4 microns. Alcohol molecules absorb this energy and the amplitude of their vibration increases. Amplitude is how the molecules are identified. The amount of energy absorption at the 3.4 micron frequency is how the Intoxilyzer 5000 determines the concentration of alcohol molecules. It's a very sophisticated piece of technology.

The Ontario courts consider the Intoxilyzer 5000 results the "Word of God". If you feel the results are wrong due to heath reasons, you will have to hire a lawyer, a pharmacologist and a toxicologist. You will also have to rent a medical lab for their tests. You will also have to hire a lawyer in Quebec to get copies of the Intoxilyzer 5000 maintenance logs from a company called the Techno Police. In total, it will cost you $50,000 or more. In Ontario, you are guilty as soon as you fail a breath test. You need overwhelming evidence to overturn a drinking and driving charge. 

In conclusion, do not drink and drive, AT ALL.